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Access Partnership appoints Alexis Serfaty as Director of Global Public Policy

Based in Washington, DC, Alexis Serfaty will be responsible for driving our expanding operations and will lead the data governance…
27 Mar 2018 Opinion

Access Partnership Press Conference for Anti-Slavery Banned for Second Time

The press conference organised for leading anti-slavery campaigner Biram Dah Abeid by Access Partnership's Abdou Lo has been cancelled for a second time…
11 Oct 2017 Press

Access Partnership Feature in This Year’s Observer Research Foundation Journal

The online and offline worlds have never been closer together. With the free-flowing and growing interaction between the two, how…
4 Oct 2017 Press

Les Britanniques vont-ils assister au retour du Lord Chamberlain ?

Mike Laughton, membre du staff, suivait le discours de la Reine, qui, bien que connu à travers le monde comme…
3 Jun 2015 Press

Le Royaume-Uni et l’Iran s’opposent à une meilleure localisation des aéronefs

Dans un article paru dans Aviation Week, Gregory Francis se demande pourquoi le Royaume-Uni et l'Iran bloquent l'adoption d'une technologie qui rendrait l'aviation…
1 Jun 2015 Press

The UK and Iran are blocking better aircraft tracking

Writing in Aviation Week, Gregory Francis asks why the UK and Iran are impeding the adoption of technology that would make flying safer.…
1 Jun 2015 Press

La règlementation aéronautique en Europe connait de véritables progrès

Notre directeur des marchés émergents, Nina Beebe, dans le magazine ViaSatellite sur les dernières évolutions concernant la règlementation en Europe.
20 Apr 2015 Press

Aeronautical regulation in Europe makes strong progress

Our Director for Emerging Markets, Nina Beebe, in ViaSatellite magazine on the latest developments in aeronautical regulation in Europe.

20 Apr 2015 Press

Touching Enhanced Cooperation

A concrete plinth was lain at the foundation of durable Enhanced Cooperation this week when ISOC unveiled its IXP toolkit and…
3 Mar 2014 Press

Vers un renforcement de la coopération

Cette semaine, un socle solide a été construit dans le cadre de la mise en place d'une coopération renforcée durable…
27 Feb 2014 Press

Access Partnership Announces Office Location in Brussels – Media Release

New office in Brussels - As of today, we now have a new office, located in Brussels. To read the…
21 Nov 2013 Press

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and Access Partnership announce: UAE Policy Group Meeting to Prepare Positions

The UAE's Communications and Media Industry Group (UCMIG) celebrated its 2nd anniversary with an industry-only-get together. To view a joint…
19 Sep 2013 Press

China Closing the Door to New Technologies

2013 may be a promising year for global trade in technology with the kick-off of the International Technology Agreement expansion...

1 Aug 2013 Press

Invitation to attend Tax Environment Roundtable

Intellect UK and Access Partnership would like to invite you to a roundtable with HMT and UKTI to discuss the…
30 Apr 2013 Press

WCIT Consequences

The conduct and conclusion of the World Conference on International Telecommunications changes the international regulatory environment. Read our views on…
21 Dec 2012 Press

What to say about the Treaty on the ITRs: Crib Notes

Look past the panic over December’s World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT); it’s unlikely to be a catastrophe for several…
28 Sep 2012 Press

World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF) – Client information note

The current working document of the upcoming WTPF (14-16 May 2013), the Secretary General’s Report, calls into question the effectiveness…
20 Aug 2012 Press

First UAE Telecommunications Advisory Group

Access Partnership is exceptionally proud of its Abu Dhabi office and its director, Zeina Mokaddem, for assembling the first telecommunications…
1 Nov 2011 Press

Access Partnership Acquires Sallstrom Consulting

Access Partnership, a global firm assisting ICT companies in gaining unprecedented access to new markets, today announced the acquisition of…
19 Sep 2011 Press

Market Access Challenges

Since 1999, Access Partnership has been helping some of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, investment groups and government agencies to…
30 May 2011 Press

Middle East Growth Underpinned by Government Support

The growth of the Middle Eastern telecommunications sector over the last 10 years has been no accident. Early trails into…
1 Apr 2010 Press