Calil Queiroz

Engineer, Multilateral & Sustainability

Calil is a Regulatory Engineer for the Fair Tech Policy team.

Meet Calil

Calil is a Regulatory Engineer for the Fair Tech Policy team. As such, he works on spectrum compatibility, sharing studies and coordinates between different communication systems. He assists clients in interpreting technical telecommunications regulation and adapting products and offerings to facilitate compliance. He also engages in the regulation-making process, particularly when existing rules are unsuitable, by providing technical support to clients and formulating recommendations for regulatory change. Calil is fluent in Portuguese, English and proficient in Spanish. He is also familiar with various programming languages.

Prior to joining Access Partnership, Calil worked for Ektrum and collaborated with Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL). During this period, he was responsible for the identification of spectrum for emerging technologies and actively engaging in the regulatory sector, collaborating on technical contributions to national and international processes. He has significant experience in the modeling and simulation of wireless networks and software engineering, having participated in projects involving WLAN, cellular and satellite technologies. Calil holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, both from the University of Brasilia.

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