29 September 2020: TRP Demonstration Seminar On-demand Transit: Recent experience and future promise for improving mobility in Hong Kong

Date: 29 September  2020, 9:00 -10:00 am (HKT)

In recent years, on-demand transit has become a popular complement to public transportation systems. As Hong Kong and cities around the world face rapid urbanization and increasing congestion, on-demand, shared mobility has become an increasingly attractive alternative to private vehicle usage. On-demand mobility improves the efficiency and convenience of public transport networks by offering seamless first mile/last mile connections, and by filling in gaps for areas that lack quality transit alternatives.

In this session, David Adelman, Via’s VP of Global Partnerships, will discuss Via’s approach to on-demand mobility and its potential for Hong Kong. He will also provide a demonstration of Via’s apps and service management tools that are now used in over 150 cities worldwide.

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Franki Li, Founder & CEO, Auf Nachfrage Bus (AN BUS) will also share his views and experience. AN BUS aims at providing on-demand bus service by red minibus in Hong Kong. He will explain why red minibus is the ideal mode that can provide on-demand transportation service in Hong Kong.

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Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

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