5 November 2020: TRP Demonstration Seminar by Teralytics: Using integrated data for mobility insights

Date: 5 November  2020, 11:00 am -12:00 noon (HKT)

The pandemic COVID-19 and its containment has challenged our cities and our transport systems more than ever before. Hong Kong is no exception.

Managing a sharp decline of demand for public transport and private commercial transport means adjusting services to meet what is needed under these new circumstances. New circumstances such as the majority of the workforce working-from-home, or home-office for specific groups such as public servants, school closures, banning of dining at restaurants, border shutdown, among others.

In this session, Diana Gutierrez, Head of Business Development, Teralytics APAC will discuss how mobility data can provide Hong Kong transport operators, mobility providers and transport related government organizations with a clear & updated view of how Hong Kong is moving as events unfold. Teralytics will provide a demonstration of its Matrix dashboard to exhibit how Hong Kong was moving during the 2nd wave of COVID-19 (July-August 2020).

Teralytics is a Swiss start-up providing mobility insights based on Telecom Operator data across the world.

View Presentation here

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

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