AI in Healthcare: Maximising Opportunities, Minimising Risks

27 September from 15:00 to 16:00 BST

The convergence of technology and healthcare holds great promise for innovation and transformation. As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly sophisticated, it presents opportunities to enhance efficiency, personalisation, and effectiveness in healthcare.

However, challenges like cultural obstacles, data security, bias, and hesitancy among stakeholders must be addressed to fully harness AI’s potential. Overcoming these concerns is crucial for the widespread adoption and successful integration of AI in the healthcare industry.

This webinar explores the potential benefits of this convergence while acknowledging the cultural obstacles, concerns around data protection, biases, and the cautious approach of some stakeholders.

The event will take the form of an expert roundtable and will include interactive participant discussions.

Expert Panel, moderated by Newsweek HealthTech journalist and MedTech business strategist Kayleen Brown:

  • Mike Bales, Director of AI and Digital Health, Roche
  • Dr. Magesh Kasuthuri, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Wipro
  • Ashley Casovan, Executive Director, Responsible AI Institute
  • Melissa Govender, Head of AI Policy Lab, Access Partnership