Webinar Recording | COVID, Cyber, and Congress: What’s Next for Federal IT Modernization?

14 July 2021 | 18:00-19:00 BST

Among other impacts, the COVID-19 pandemic has focused the attention of members of Congress on the limits of legacy IT systems and the delivery of services.  At the same time, recent cybersecurity incidents have prompted a sea of change, raising awareness of the acute need to modernize federal IT infrastructure. The Biden Administration has signaled strong support for federal IT modernization and Congress recently provided $1 billion for the Technology Modernization Fund. The White House’s historic cybersecurity executive order has also directed all agencies to plan for accelerating the movement to secure cloud services. As federal agencies wrestle with the cost of maintaining legacy IT and Congress on the eve of an infrastructure debate, what’s next for federal IT modernization?

Join our panel of experts from on and off the Hill as we look at where we are, what’s coming for federal IT modernization policy, and dive into questions like:

  • What further actions should Congress take to address long-standing roadblocks to federal IT modernization?
  • What systems or services should agencies prioritize in the shift to more modern IT systems?
  • Are there pitfalls that should be avoided, or prudent steps that should be taken, to pave the way for modern IT infrastructure?


Fireside chat:

  • Allison Tinsey, Counsel for Governmental Affairs to Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH)
  • Dileep Srihari, Senior Counsel, Access Partnership

Panel discussion:

  • André Mendes, Chief Information Officer, Department of Commerce
  • Stephanie Sanok Kostro, Executive Vice President for Policy, Professional Services Council
  • Wayne Bobby, Vice President, U.S. Federal Government, Workday
  • Victoria Espinel, President and CEO, BSA (moderator)
Webinar Recording | COVID, Cyber, and Congress: What’s Next for Federal IT Modernization?