The Fair Share Debate: Allocating Costs of Data Generation and Infrastructure

13 June 2023 at 14:00 - 15:30 BST

Independent Thinkers on Digital

Independent Thinkers on Digital Live Podcast Debate on the Economic, Legal, and Ethical Implications for Companies and Operators.

The explosive growth of data generation has led to a pressing question of who should bear the costs of maintaining the infrastructure required to process and store this data. With companies generating an overwhelming amount of data, some argue that they should contribute to the infrastructure costs. However, others contend that this would place an undue burden on companies and could stifle innovation in the industry.

This debate will examine the implications of requiring companies to pay operators a share of infrastructure costs, including the potential impact on the industry’s innovation and the legal and ethical issues involved. The debate will provide a platform to discuss the challenges faced by companies that generate vast amounts of data and the operators who maintain the infrastructure to support it.

The debate will provide a unique opportunity to engage in a lively and informative discussion on a critical issue that affects us all.

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  • Roslyn Layton, Senior Vice President, Strand Consult. Researcher, Aalborg University
  • Anna Bigot, Deputy Director of European Affairs, Bouygues Europe
  • Nina Cummins, Head of Connectivity & Access Policy – EMEA, Meta
  • Brian Williamson, Partner, Communications Chamber
  • William Webb, Chief Technology Officer, Access Partnership (moderator)

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