18 August 2020: Data Trust and Inter-Modal Mobility Opening Conference

Tuesday, 18 August, 2020 15:00 – 18:00 HKT

Can data sharing increase sustainable smart mobility in Hong Kong?

You are welcome to join our Opening Conference of the Inter-Modal Transport Data-Sharing Programme.  This programme is an open, collaborative process and aims to bring together a wide spectrum of transport and mobility stakeholders from the business and private sectors, innovators, researchers and members of civil society concerned with environmental issues. 

In the first part of the conference, the Hong Kong Team and Dr Zhou will present one of our proof-of-concept cases, the Exchange Square Public Transport Interchange (ESPTI), where data sharing between operators and payment providers through a trusted data space will be prototyped for the first time. Hear directly from participating operators about the challenges of transforming this mobility node in the central business district into a user-friendly and convenient PTI.

In the second part there will be an opportunity to hear from directly engaged stakeholders as well as representative from other cities. We will also introduce a number of Working Groups which interested stakeholders who wish to participate more closely between now and the end of 2020, are invited to join. 

Format: Online conference using Cisco Webex with live or pre-recorded sessions and interaction with participates via chat and call. All are welcome!

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15.00–15.10 Welcome and Introduction
Dr John Ure, Director of TRP and Fellow of the Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning, HKU
Welcome remarks by Conference Host
Julian Vella, Co-Head, China – Global Infrastructure Advisory, KPMG China
15.10–15.20 Views from Transport Administrators
~ Michael Law, Assistant Commissioner, Transport Department
~ Dr Dorothy Chan, Head, Centre for Logistics and Transport, HKU SPACE, Former Deputy Commissioner for Transport
15.20–15.40 Introduction to Exchange Square Public Transport Interchange
Conversation by James Ockenden of Transit Jam, Oren Tatcher of OTC, Andrew Pickford, Dr JP Zhou, Waltraut Ritter, Terence Graham
Watch video here
15.40–15.45 Q&A
15.45–16.15 Expectations of stakeholders and sponsors
~ David Adelman, Vice President of Global Partnerships, Via
Watch video here
~ Kenneth Bell, Chief Executive Officer, Tradeport Hong Kong Ltd., a subsidiary of Hongkong Land
~ Stephane Duguet, Head of Research, Technology & Innovation, Thales Transport & Security HK Ltd.
Watch video here
~ Addie Lam, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, KMB
~ Newton Ng, Head of Development, Citybus & NWFB
Watch video here
~ Nora Tang, General Manager, Technical Department, Octopus Cards Limited
~ Patrick Fung, CEO, Clean Air Network
~ Dr. Henry Wong, Transformation Lead, MTR
16.15–16.25 Expert view on inter-modal mobility in Hong Kong
Alok Jain, Managing Director,  Trans-Consult Ltd.
Watch video here
16.25–16.50 Inter-modal data sharing experiences from other cities
Mr. Ibrahim Orhan Demir, Deputy Secretary General, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (hosted by Ken Zita, Network Dynamics)
Watch video here
Mobility challenges in Chicago Sensors, Edge Computing, and The Array of Things
Charlie Catlett, Senior Fellow, Mansueto Institute, University of Chicago
Watch video here
16.50–16.55 Postcard from London
Richard Threlfall, Global Head of Infrastructure, KPMG
Watch video here
16.55–17.10 Q&A
17.10–17.20 Towards a better Hong Kong: Pathways to zero carbon emissions by 2050 on mobility
Dr Berto Lee, Programme Manager, Civic Exchange 
Watch video here
17:20–17:30 Integrating Pedestrian Count into a Multi-Modal Space – French Railway Station Case Study
Enrico Durbano, General Manager, Eco-counter
17.30–17.35 Inter-modal data sharing experiences from UK
~ Leanne Pienaar, Senior Engineer, Transport Consulting, Arup
17.35–17.45 Q&A
17.45–17. 55 Next Steps and How to Get Involved
~ Working Group and sub-WGs – Dr John Ure
~ Upcoming demonstration projects  – Waltraut Ritter
17.55–18.00 Close of Conference



Julian Vella
Co-Head, China –  Global Infrastructure Advisory
KPMG China
Michael Law Assistant Commissioner
Transport Department
Dr Dorothy Chan
Head, Centre for Logistics and Transport
Stephane Duguet
Head of Research, Technology & Innovation
Thales Transport & Security HK Ltd.
David Adelman
Vice President of Global Partnerships
Newton Ng
Head of Development
Citybus & NWFB
Kenneth Bell
Chief Executive Officer
Tradeport Hong Kong Ltd., a subsidiary of Hongkong Land
Dr. Henry Wong
Transformation Lead
MTR Corporation Ltd
Nora Tang
General Manager, Technical Department
Octopus Cards Limited
Patrick Fung
Chief Executive Officer
Clean Air Network
Addie Lam 
Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
James Ockenden
Founder and editor
Transit Jam
Oren Tatcher
OTC Limited
Alok Jain
Managing Director
Trans-Consult Ltd.
Ibrahim Orhan Demir 
Deputy Secretary General
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Ken Zita
Network Dynamics
Richard Threlfall
Global Head of Infrastructure
Dr Berto Lee
Programme Manager
Civic Exchange
Enrico Durbano
General Manager
Charlie Catlett
Senior Fellow Mansueto Institute
University of Chicago

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Associate Sponsors:



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Data Trust

Leading up to the programme, the HK Team held three forums (May and June 2019) and two workshops (October and December 2019) with all the stakeholders. Out of these meetings and discussions arose a focus on use cases around POCs which in some cases could develop into pilot projects.

We wish to thank MTR and KMB for their sponsorship of these forums and workshops, along with the participants in the first POC around the Exchange Square PTI – namely CityBus, KMB, MTR, Octopus Cards Limited, Hongkong Land and the Clean Air Network (CAN).




Photo by Jimmy Chan from Pexels

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