Metaverse Dialogue: Digital Identities in the Metaverse

14 September 2022: 15:00 - 16:00 BST

The emergence of the metaverse raises many questions about the future of digital identities and authenticity online – a portable and composable digital identity that preserves privacy and provides security becomes imperative.

As the line between digital and physical becomes increasingly blurred with the next iteration of the internet, it is key to ensure that individuals and businesses represent themselves authentically online. With this in mind, this webinar provides an opportunity to debate key policy issues that will affect how we interact and manage multiple identities in the metaverse(s).

Our Metaverse Dialogue Series is designed to promote discussion and coordination between metaverse stakeholders. The webinar series will explore some of the challenges that the metaverse will face and build consensus on what best practice would look like.

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