Generative AI & the Creative Sector: The EU’s AI Act

23 May 2023 at 14:00 - 15:00 BST

AI Policy Lab

As the European Parliament finalises its position on the AI Act, a critical debate has emerged surrounding AI-generated content and open-source systems. The outcome of this debate has far-reaching implications for businesses, organisations, and individuals who use AI-generated content, making it essential to understand the challenges and opportunities associated with it.

Our webinar will specifically focus on Artificially Generated Content, with a particular emphasis on Deepfakes and ChatGPT, examining their scope and impact on various industries. We will also explore the challenges posed by AI-generated content, such as misinformation, intellectual property rights, and text and data mining. Furthermore, we will delve into the opportunities that AI-generated content provides for the creative sector.

One of the central issues we will address is the regulation of AI-generated content, with the General-Purpose AI approach under the EU AI Act currently under scrutiny. The webinar will debate whether this approach is the most effective way to regulate AI-generated content or if alternative approaches should be considered.

Join us for this thought-provoking event, which aims to increase understanding of the challenges and opportunities of AI-generative technologies and to foster meaningful discussions about its regulation.

We believe this is a crucial conversation for businesses, organisations, and individuals who use AI-generated content and encourage you to attend.


  • Lydia Dettling, Policy Manager at Access Partnership (Moderator)
  • Dan Nechita, Head of Cabinet MEP Dragoș Tudorache, European Parliament
  • Emilie Anthonis, Senior Vice President Government Affairs EMEA at Motion Picture Association
  • Paul Keller, Co-Founder and Policy Director at Open Future Foundation
  • Lodovico Benvenuti, Managing Director European Office at IFPI

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