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Brexit Brief: A Watershed Moment, and a Post-Watershed Moment

The EU Withdrawal Bill has become law 11-and-a-half months after first being introduced in parliament.  The EU Withdrawal Act, as…
27 Jun 2018 Opinion

Free Flow Flows Freely; Copyright Headed for Plenary Showdown

EU legislators took big steps forward on two Digital Single Market files this week, as both the Free Flow of non-personal Data Regulation and…
22 Jun 2018 Opinion

Drone Futures: How the UK Can Lead from the Front

A techUK event on 13 June brought together manufacturers, policy-makers, regulators, and professional users to explore the policy challenges around…
20 Jun 2018 Events

US Poised to Escalate Trade War with China, with Tech Consumers at Risk

On 15 June, the US Trade Representative (USTR) will release its final list of Chinese goods that will be subject…
14 Jun 2018 Opinion

Trump Doubles Down on Trade Fight with Allies

President Donald Trump has doubled down on his decision to pick trade fights with close US allies, targeting steel, aluminium,…
14 Jun 2018 Opinion

Brexit Special: Schrödinger’s Rebellion

This Brexit Special examines the fall-out from Tuesday’s votes on the EU Withdrawal Bill in the House of Commons.
14 Jun 2018 Opinion

‘The GDPR on steroids’: The ePrivacy Regulation

Even as Europe finished the final preparations for the implementation of the GDPR, the Brussels machine began gearing up for the…
13 Jun 2018 Opinion

Brexit Brief: Labouring Toward a Softer Brexit

Britain’s principal opposition party, the Labour Party, has signalled a shift toward a much softer Brexit.  With Prime Minister Theresa…
7 Jun 2018 Opinion

Disrupt But Don’t Be Disrupted: Risk-Proof Your Start-Up Model

Start-ups may seem immune to issues that affect traditional businesses because they are asset light and do not require a complex infrastructure…
5 Jun 2018 Opinion

Thoughts on the First Week of GDPR and the Future for Data Protection

On 30 May, Access Partnership joined a wide range of stakeholders at Digital Europe’s “The GDPR story: an early, wide-ranging…
4 Jun 2018 Events

Six Takeaways from “Courts of the Future” Symposium in Kenya

After the great success of our “Courts of the Future” workshop in London at the end of April, Access Partnership,…
1 Jun 2018 Events

The Business Times: Fortifying Retail Operations as Cyberthreats Intensify

Ryan Johnson, Senior Public Policy Manager, Access Partnership co-wrote a guest article for The Business Times. The article looks at the…
29 May 2018 Opinion

Council Issues DSM Scorecard While Commission Turns Up the Heat

It was a story of two documents in the Brussels bubble last week, one from the European Commission, one from…
23 May 2018 Opinion

The Diplomat: Scoping Critical Information Infrastructure in China

Xiaomeng Lu, International Public Policy Manager, Access Partnership wrote a guest article for The Diplomat.
22 May 2018 Opinion

Courts of the Future: Digital Transformation of Court Systems in Action

Join judges, public officials, IT and policy experts for roundtable discussions and guided exercises on digital transformation of courts systems.…
21 May 2018 Events

Regulatory Trends and Associated Risks for Satellite Connectivity in the Oil and Gas Sector

Access Partnership’s Senior Consultant Vadim Doronin provided an overview of the regulatory trends and associated risks on satellite connectivity based on our…
18 May 2018 Events

Brexit Brief: EEA Back in the Spotlight

From the tensions between the home nations to the dispute around remaining in the European Economic Area (EEA), catch up…
17 May 2018 Opinion

Three Lessons for Bringing the Courts System to the Digital Age

Digital tools are transforming the delivery of justice in the UK, and their success holds valuable lessons, particularly for the…
4 May 2018 Events

Brexit Brief: Decision Time Approaches

Prime Minister Theresa May has one week to find a new proposal to manage the customs relationship between the UK…
3 May 2018 Opinion

Reflections on EU’s Digital Week: Policy Makers Eye Next Stage of Internet Regulation

This week saw MEPs and Commission officials speaking openly on tech regulation at the European Parliament High Level Conference: Shaping our Digital Future.…
27 Apr 2018 Opinion

The Ethical Challenge of Artificial Intelligence

In a guest blog for Tech UK, Matt Allison asks whether artificial intelligence presents a fundamental ethical challenge requiring a new…
27 Apr 2018 Opinion