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An Insight into the ITU Filing Procedures

Richard Eite Engineer, Regulatory Engineering Satellite communications provide wide area coverage, but have the potential to cause radio interference unbounded...

1 Jun 2020 Opinion
An Insight into the ITU Filing Procedures
Is Fair Tech Chinese, European or American?

Is Fair Tech Chinese, European or American?

In China, fair tech means tech that supports social order. In Europe, fair tech supports privacy and human rights. In…
18 May 2020 Opinion
What Does Covid-19 Mean for EU Tech Policy?

What Does Covid-19 Mean for EU Tech Policy?

On 13 May, Access Partnership held an online discussion with Werner Stengg, Cabinet Expert for Digital Policy to European Commission…
14 May 2020 Events
Fair Tech and Democracy: Thoughts on Content, Misinformation and Elections

Fair Tech and Democracy: Thoughts on Content, Misinformation and Elections

The stratospheric growth of the Internet over the last ten years has led to a range of challenges for governments...

11 May 2020 Opinion
Call for Harmonisation of Drones Regulation

Call for Harmonisation of Drones Regulation

Given the range of applications and technology available, the corresponding requirements are equally broad to allow for a harmonised regulatory…
7 May 2020 Opinion

Is Digital Tax the Way for Fair Tech?

Thinking about the benefits that technology brings to our life - not least the possibility to keep on working, studying,…
6 May 2020 Opinion

Wi-Fi: A Pre-Requisite for Economic Activity in Times of COVID-19 and Beyond

All governments must tackle the challenge of broadband scarcity so that their economies and government services remain operational and competitive.
30 Apr 2020 Opinion

Flash Alert: Poland to Tax Streaming Services

The Polish Government has announced its plans to tax streaming services. This will be part of the third economic stimulus…
29 Apr 2020 Opinion

Fair Tech in the Global South: Realities and Perceptions

The emergence of new business models and services, increased efficiency and productivity across industries, improved living standards, direct job creation…
27 Apr 2020 Opinion

Regulatory Responses to COVID-19

As the coronavirus continues its spread across the globe, there is uncertainty around about how the crisis will develop, and governments…
23 Apr 2020 Opinion
Regulatory Risks for Small Satellite Operators

Regulatory Risks for Small Satellite Operators

This deep dive article aims to highlight the main regulatory challenges of small satellites and provide a high-level overview of…
22 Apr 2020 Opinion

Access to Infrastructure in a Fair Tech World

Infrastructure is the foundation of technology, creating and providing the platform for connectivity that enables consumers, businesses and governments to…
21 Apr 2020 Opinion

Trans-Atlanticism: The First Step in Fair Tech

An American might marvel at the explosion in free services online over the last two decades: Gmail, Yahoo!, Facebook, Reddit,…
14 Apr 2020 Opinion

Fair Tech and Why We Want It

Fairness is not usual, it is not spread around equally despite a kinship to the notion of equity, it is…
6 Apr 2020 Opinion

From the Frontline: Tech Response to COVID-19

Our firm is unusual: we support the technology sector but sit in the wider service economy. If we don’t want…
25 Mar 2020 Opinion

The Flavours of Ethical AI in Asia

The potential harm associated with AI has spurred global discussions among policy-makers in recent years regarding the need to regulate…
23 Mar 2020 Opinion

The Jakarta Post: Can Indonesia Introduce World-Class Data Protection Framework?

With Indonesia’s personal data protection bill under deliberation, this is an opportune time for the country to develop a world-class…
23 Mar 2020 Opinion

Network Computing: Beyond Cost, Innovation and Collaboration Are 5G Essentials

In an op-ed for Network Computing, Access Partnership's Head of Infrastructure, Colin Thomson, provides an overview of the plan for…
20 Mar 2020 Opinion

Brexit Brief: A Healthy Start to a Productive Day

As the first round of negotiations come to a close on the future relationship, we explore the opening moves of the UK…
5 Mar 2020 Opinion

US Privacy Legislation: What’s Coming and What Should Companies Do To Prepare?

On 13 February, US Senator and former Democratic Party Presidential candidate, Kristen Gillibrand introduced legislation (the Data Protection Act) that…
2 Mar 2020 Opinion

DoD’s New Ethical Principles for AI: Implications for Tech Companies

On 24 February, the US Department of Defence officially adopted a series of ethical principles for the use of artificial…
28 Feb 2020 Opinion