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Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance: Is The Board Ready to Address Disruption?

Disruptive innovation is now a fact of life in most industries. Entrepreneurs and established businesses alike are challenging incumbent companies...

20 May 2019 Opinion
Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance: Is The Board Ready to Address Disruption?
Latin America Leads ICT Reform

Latin America Leads ICT Reform

From new fiscal policies to labour laws, governments across Latin America are debating structural reforms, with ICT being one of…
17 May 2019 Opinion

Countdown to the EU Elections: Who Will be the Next Digital Champions?

In a week’s time, voters in the European Union will elect a new European Parliament. Aside from customary issues like…
16 May 2019 Opinion
AlphaBeta weighs in on OTT regulation in Vietnam

AlphaBeta weighs in on OTT regulation in Vietnam

As so many countries around the world, Vietnam is wrestling with the challenge of how to regulate the digital economy,...

14 May 2019 Opinion

Brexit Brief: Warming Up

While the local elections last week failed to give a clear Brexit verdict, one thing is certain: the people are…
9 May 2019 Opinion

IMT-2030 Starts Today… (And Don’t Call It 6G)

While it may be 10+ years away, standards bodies such as the ITU-T and ETSI are already looking beyond IMT-2020…
8 May 2019 Opinion
The value of Digital Trade to ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand

The value of Digital Trade to ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand

AlphaBeta thanks the New Zealand and Australian governments for hosting AlphaBeta Director Dr. Fraser Thompson at the negotiations for the...

30 Apr 2019 Opinion

Brexit Brief: Beneath the Surface

As Westminster collects itself following months of political turmoil, the unexpected European elections could provide policy-makers with the public’s verdict…
25 Apr 2019 Opinion

Countdown to EU Elections: What Will EU Elections Mean for Digital Companies?

The European Parliament is currently in its last few days of business as usual — when MEPs leave the Strasbourg…
12 Apr 2019 Opinion

Brexit Brief: Cooling Off Period

Last night, EU leaders agreed on delaying Brexit up to 31 October following the prime minister’s request for an extension…
11 Apr 2019 Opinion

OECD Calls for Principled Policies in the Digital Age: Tax High Among Priorities

The OECD’s two-year effort to create and study ideas for digital policies that also encourage inclusion culminated in a Paris…
5 Apr 2019 Events

Brexit Brief: Rocking the Boat

After two weeks of debate and numerous votes, there is still no solution to break the Brexit stalemate. Now No.…
3 Apr 2019 Opinion

SXSW: Publicity for Privacy

Twenty years of events at SXSW have focused on the  next “big idea” — unicorn startups, hit products, new music…
1 Apr 2019 Events

Building Trust Through Dialogue: Takeaways from Forum Europe’s Data Protection and Privacy Conference

Since news of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal broke one year ago, privacy and data protection have drawn increased attention…
1 Apr 2019 Opinion

Regulating the IoT Ecosystem: Who are the Targeted Players?

The Internet of things (IoT) is the interconnection of physical devices — including ones taking input from humans — through…
28 Mar 2019 Opinion

Brexit Brief: Out on a Limb

Last night, the EU formally agreed to a Brexit delay until 22 May if MPs agree on a deal next…
22 Mar 2019 Opinion

Brexit Brief: Brussels, We Have a Problem

The UK looks set to delay Brexit after a string of votes in the Commons seemed to kill Theresa May’s…
15 Mar 2019 Opinion

EU Copyright Directive: To Be or Not to Be?

The EU’s proposed Copyright Directive has one last hurdle to clear before it comes into law: the European Parliament’s plenary…
14 Mar 2019 Opinion

Mobile Edge Computing: Where Did I Leave My Cloud?

Many new technologies require high levels of connectivity and new applications are increasingly dependent on the immediate transmission of data.…
13 Mar 2019 Opinion
Managing Singapore’s Packaging Waste

Managing Singapore’s Packaging Waste

As the National Environmental Agency’s (NEA) appointed consultant for Singapore’s Mandatory Packaging Waste Reporting framework, AlphaBeta was proud to have...

12 Mar 2019 Opinion

MWC19: Tech Meets Trust

MWC Barcelona (formerly Mobile World Congress) has pushed itself beyond a mobile phone trade show, with this year’s ‘Intelligent Connectivity’…
6 Mar 2019 Events