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HAPS: Connecting the Unconnected in Mexico

High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) can meet the growing demand for high-capacity broadband networks, particularly in underserved areas. In a…
14 Nov 2018 Opinion

Tapping into the Connected Cars Market: What You Need to Know

Driving, still fundamentally similar to when the automobile was first popularised through the 1920s, has long been targeted for digital…
7 Nov 2018 Opinion

Brexit Brief: Budget Offers Cash Prize for Brexit Deal

The last UK budget before Brexit could have been one timed for an election. It announced significant spending increases on…
1 Nov 2018 Opinion

2018 Budget: Key Talking Points

On 29 October, Philip Hammond delivered his third budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer – and the last before the…
1 Nov 2018 Opinion
Lessons from the Cathay Breach: Time to Talk Data Classification

Lessons from the Cathay Breach: Time to Talk Data Classification

“It’s not if, but when”, a phrase almost guaranteed to creep into any event with information security on the menu. Yet beyond the roundtables and fora increasingly devoted to cybersecurity and data privacy, this phrase took on a very real meaning as households in the SAR awoke on October 25th to the possibility that their personal information had been leaked along with some 9 million other Cathay Pacific accounts breached earlier this year.

29 Oct 2018 Opinion

Walking the Talk: Can Canada Champion the AI Revolution?

Canada, like many countries, is pitching to lead the fourth industrial revolution and “own the artificial intelligence century.” These moves…
25 Oct 2018 Opinion

Thailand 4.0: Digital ID, Cybersecurity, and Personal Data Protection Developments

As the Thai government prepares for its Thailand 4.0 economic model with hopes that it will elevate the nation’s status to a…
24 Oct 2018 Opinion
Capital Markets for Inclusive Growth

Capital Markets for Inclusive Growth

How a multi-dimensional approach can accelerate financial inclusion.

19 Oct 2018 Opinion

Brussels Summit Special: Another Year of Brexit Brief Beckons

The moment of truth has been delayed – again.  Barely days after confirming an extraordinary summit would occur in November,…
18 Oct 2018 Opinion

Singapore’s ‘Fake News’ Crack Down: Will Actions Speak Louder than Words?

On 20 September 2018, Singapore’s Deliberate Online Falsehoods Committee released a report offering 22 recommendations to address “deliberate online falsehoods” — what…
17 Oct 2018 Opinion

Brexit Brief: The Sound of Silence

Brexit negotiators have gone quiet on both sides – at least at their respective centres in London and Brussels. They…
10 Oct 2018 Opinion

HAPS/RPAS: Time for the Bird to Fly the Nest

On 13 September, Access Partnership hosted a roundtable discussion on the role of High-Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) and Remotely Piloted…
4 Oct 2018 Events

Brexit Brief: Prime Minister on the Defensive After Salzburg Summit Fallout

The Salzburg summit was billed as a chance for Prime Minister Theresa May to gather warm words of support about…
27 Sep 2018 Opinion

EU Policy-Makers Return to Digital Single Market Log Jam

With a little over a year to go until the end of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s tenure, the likelihood…
5 Sep 2018 Opinion

Navigating Through the Regulatory Channels: A To-Do List for Satellite Service Operators and End Users

For a multinational company interested in expanding its portfolio, the patchwork regulatory landscape can be intimidating. Industry actors must comb…
31 Aug 2018 Opinion

HM Treasury Opens Investigation on Data, Competition, and Digital Markets

In early August, the UK government appointed former Obama advisor Professor Jason Furman to lead a review of data and…
29 Aug 2018 Opinion

Brexit Brief: Negotiations Pick Up the Pace. Will They Gain Momentum?

Brexit negotiations will accelerate dramatically, now moving from discrete rounds of monthly talks to one long set of ongoing talks…
22 Aug 2018 Opinion

Access Partnership Co-Writes a Paper on Cybersecurity Culture, Norms and Values

Access Partnership's Ryan Johnson co-wrote a background paper to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Best Practices Forum on Cybersecurity. The paper is focusing…
17 Aug 2018 Opinion

Leading by Example: the UAE’s Bid to Champion the AI Revolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been hailed as a transformative, revolutionary technology at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution. Nations world-wide…
15 Aug 2018 Opinion

Brexit Brief: A Warning, a Summit, and a Charm Offensive – but Still No Deal

While parliament has broken up for its summer recess, Prime Minister Theresa May has been busy dispatching ministers to EU…
8 Aug 2018 Opinion