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Six Takeaways from “Courts of the Future” Symposium in Kenya

After the great success of our “Courts of the Future” workshop in London at the end of April, Access Partnership,…
1 Jun 2018 Events

Council Issues DSM Scorecard While Commission Turns Up the Heat

It was a story of two documents in the Brussels bubble last week, one from the European Commission, one from…
23 May 2018 Opinion

Courts of the Future: Digital Transformation of Court Systems in Action

Join judges, public officials, IT and policy experts for roundtable discussions and guided exercises on digital transformation of courts systems.…
21 May 2018 Events

Regulatory Trends and Associated Risks for Satellite Connectivity in the Oil and Gas Sector

Access Partnership’s Senior Consultant Vadim Doronin provided an overview of the regulatory trends and associated risks on satellite connectivity based on our…
18 May 2018 Events

Brexit Brief: EEA Back in the Spotlight

From the tensions between the home nations to the dispute around remaining in the European Economic Area (EEA), catch up…
17 May 2018 Opinion

Three Lessons for Bringing the Courts System to the Digital Age

Digital tools are transforming the delivery of justice in the UK, and their success holds valuable lessons, particularly for the…
4 May 2018 Events

Brexit Brief: Decision Time Approaches

Prime Minister Theresa May has one week to find a new proposal to manage the customs relationship between the UK…
3 May 2018 Opinion

Reflections on EU’s Digital Week: Policy Makers Eye Next Stage of Internet Regulation

This week saw MEPs and Commission officials speaking openly on tech regulation at the European Parliament High Level Conference: Shaping our Digital Future.…
27 Apr 2018 Opinion

The Ethical Challenge of Artificial Intelligence

In a guest blog for Tech UK, Matt Allison asks whether artificial intelligence presents a fundamental ethical challenge requiring a new…
27 Apr 2018 Opinion

How Will the GDPR Affect Inflight Connectivity?

From 25 May 2018, the long-awaited legislation will introduce requirements on areas ranging from the way data is collected to…
24 Apr 2018 Opinion

Brexit Brief: The Anti-Establishment Lords?

From the UK government losing the customs union vote to the Commonwealth immigration scandal, catch up with the latest Brexit stories, digested.
19 Apr 2018 Opinion

From the Desk of Greg Francis: US Congress Re-Launches Treaty Talks on Internet Economy

Final echoes of the US Senate committee's questions of Facebook last week will only fade in the UN Security Council…
16 Apr 2018 Opinion

Access Partnership to Host Debates on Cybersecurity and Data Privacy in New York on 23 and 24 May

The forum will be a day and a half, off-the-record event for government and legal affairs staff to bring their…
13 Apr 2018 Events

EU Commits to Hit The Ground Running on AI, Blockchain, eHealth and Innovation

On 11 March, Access Partnership attended the second EU Digital Day, hosted by the Commission in Brussels, with participation from…
11 Apr 2018 Opinion

The Race for 5G

5G, the next generation of mobile wireless communications, isn’t set to roll out in the UK until 2020, but networks…
10 Apr 2018 Opinion

Brexit Brief: Brexit at Half Time

Brexit negotiations reached new heights of tension yesterday as a row launched over Britain’s access to Galileo, the EU’s global…
4 Apr 2018 Opinion

US Proposes Tariffs On USD 50 Billion of Chinese Goods

The US Trade Representative (USTR) yesterday released its proposed list of Chinese products that would be subject to a 25%…
4 Apr 2018 Opinion

US and China Inch Towards Trade War

On 22 March 2018, President Trump signed an executive memorandum calling for retaliatory tariffs of up to USD 60 billion in…
4 Apr 2018 Opinion

US CLOUD Act Now Law

The CLOUD Act has been passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump. The measure streamlines US law enforcement…
26 Mar 2018 Opinion

A Tech Revenue Tax for Europe?

European Commission has unveiled legislative measures designed to ensure digital businesses pay their “fair share” of tax in EU member states that they…
23 Mar 2018 Opinion

Brexit Brief: Transition – A Bridge, or Bridge Too Far?

From the extended transition period to Gibraltar's status, catch up with this week’s most important Brexit stories, digested.
21 Mar 2018 Opinion