Metaverse Dialogue: Interoperability and the Future of the Metaverse

22 September 2022: 17:00 - 18:30 BST

Interoperability — that is “the ability to unify economies, avatars and systems across platforms” — is often described as one of the defining properties of the metaverse. As our physical and virtual worlds merge, users will need to experience synchronous, and seamless movement between different platforms just like we do in real life.

From a governance perspective, the following questions arise: Who defines this set of seemingly open standards to allow for the metaverse(s) to be interoperable? Do we need an industry body or institution to serve as an interoperability standards body? How can we promote and ensure a platform for collaboration between all stakeholders involved and ensure that it is inclusive and collaborative and the standards are adopted by all those involved in the metaverse ecosystem? From a policy standpoint, how can we ensure that the terms of use, privacy controls or safety measures are appropriate to the new technologies and effective in keeping people safe across the different metaverses?

Our Metaverse Webinar Series is designed to promote discussion and coordination between metaverse stakeholders. The webinar series will explore some of the challenges that the metaverse will face and build consensus on what best practice would look like.