Metaverse Dialogue: An Exploratory Primer

02 June 2022: 16:00 - 17:00 SGT

The metaverse is the seamless convergence of our physical and digital lives, creating a unified, virtual community experience where everyone can work, play, transact, and socialize. There is no single virtual world but many worlds, which are being enabled and shaped today with Web 3.0 technologies, allowing people to deepen and extend our social interactions digitally.

The Metaversality Index 2022 (MVI 2022), is a first of its kind framework that provides a scalable, score-able map of how we are beginning to make sense of the metaverse, and all the various products which work to form the metaverse. From platforms, people, places, payments, and purchases – the MVI 2022 is the first index in the world that provides a guide to metaverse-compatibility for products or services, highlighting the aspects they excel in, identifying their inherent limitations, and where further attention to improvements could be focused.

This session is designed to be interactive, where all participants co-create think-pieces in a collaborative discussion together, rapporteured by the Fair Tech Institute and the Metaverse Policy Lab. Contributors have the option of being cited in the eventual metaverse primer note which will be developed after each sprint.

08 June 2022 – Watch the Metaverse Dialogue: An Exploratory Primer here.

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