Metaverse Dialogue: Reflection 2022

03 November 2022: 15:00 - 16:00 GMT

We have had four successful metaverse dialogues where we’ve discussed a range of topics from digital identities, interoperability, the “metaversality” of new products and how we should go about creating a safe and secure metaverse.

If you’ve missed any of our dialogues, please do attend our Metaverse Dialogue: Reflection 2022, where the moderators of all the sessions will give a brief overview of what was discussed and highlight particularly interesting and controversial insights.

This session will be moderated by William Webb, Access Partnership’s Chief Technology Officer and a futurist who will share more of his unorthodox views on the metaverse and how he believes the technology will develop.

Our Metaverse Webinar Series is designed to promote discussion and coordination between metaverse stakeholders. The webinar series will explore some of the challenges that the metaverse will face and build consensus on what best practice would look like.

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