Tech Policy Trends 2021

Tech Policy Trends 2021

Since 1999, Access Partnership has monitored and influenced the environment for technology worldwide. Following a particularly turbulent and unpredictable year, it is more crucial than ever to understand the diverse and shifting pressures acting on companies, governments and multilateral organisations alike.

In this report, we present our predictions for the top ten tech policy trends to expect in 2021, from Covid-19 resilience and recovery to social justice, OpenRAN and global antitrust. While some of the implications may appear straightforward – like the normalisation of remote business practices and the boost to e-commerce – others are less so. Our experts discuss the biggest themes moving the tech industry today and provide insights to help businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape and seize the new opportunities it presents.

Going forwards from 2020 towards the exciting prospects of 2021, our goal remains the same as ever: to build something more durable, fairer and better and to do it with technology.

  1.  Covid-19 and Tech Policy: Driving Digital Transformation
  2.  2021: The Super Year for Sustainability and Climate Policy
  3.  Social Justice Commitments Will Be Tested for Sincerity
  4.  US Embraces Multilateralism as China Doubles Down on Tech Ambitions Regime
  5.  Frictionless Data: Escaping the Gravity of Regulation
  6.  Global Antitrust Takes Centre Stage
  7.  DSA and Section 230: Shifting Intermediary Liability Regime
  8.  E-Commerce Takes a Leap into the Future
  9.  OpenRAN Goes Mainstream
  10.  “Telecoms is Just Software”: Regulators Wake Up to the Virtualisation of Telecoms

Having made it through the challenges of last year, we wish you happy reading about the prospects that lie ahead in 2021.

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