Webinar Recording | Fintech Growth in Emerging Markets: Key Lessons from Industry Leaders

24 Mar 2021 | 16:00

The payoff of successful digital transformation can be enormous for national economies and companies engaged in today’s hyper-competitive global markets. Financial technology (FinTech) is a major digital transformation force stewarding these changes. Despite its vulnerabilities, FinTech challenges traditional structures and creates efficiency gains by opening up the financial services value chain.

FinTech as a technological enabler is seeing a rapid uptake in emerging markets, improving financial inclusion and serving as a catalyst for innovation across industry sectors and socio-economic levels. However, there are still large gaps in access to finance in these countries. Public authorities need to take stock of the innovation wave led by financial services while addressing issues such as financial inclusion, fair play, enabling regulation, consumer protection and cybersecurity risk. Balancing these competing priorities is a challenging task for all stakeholders and requires a thoughtful approach from innovators.

Join our webinar as we share practical advice and insights on the challenges and opportunities FinTech presents for citizens and business in emerging markets. The discussion also addresses key developments in the industry, policy and regulatory issues and lessons learned in the journey to digitally transforming the financial services in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.


  • Diego Herrera, Lead Specialist for Financial Markets, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Saloum Diop, Public Treasury IT Director, Ministry of Finance and Budget, Senegal
  • Naomi Amobi, Legal and Regulatory Counsel, Paystack
  • Elvis Brahi, Chief Technology Officer, Wizall
  • Mauricio Orsolini Filho, Head of Brazil, 99 Pay
  • Christopher Casarrubias, Head of Emerging Markets, Access Partnership


Webinar Recording | Fintech Growth in Emerging Markets: Key Lessons from Industry Leaders