Can AI solve content moderation and regulatory compliance for platforms in 2023?

30 May 2023 at 09:00 - 10:00 BST

The ever-evolving digital landscape has made content moderation one of the most intricate challenges faced by online platforms. Our webinar will address this challenge by examining the issue from three distinct perspectives: platform users, regulatory compliance, and platform operators’ content moderation efforts.

The discussion will focus on the impact of content moderation on users’ freedom of speech and the challenges that arise in moderating content in a fair and unbiased manner. We will also discuss the regulatory landscape and how it is impacting content moderation, as well as the efforts made by platform operators to ensure that moderation decisions are consistent, transparent, fair, and compliant with laws and regulations.

The webinar will provide insights into the complexities of moderating user-generated content, including the type and volume of content that needs to be moderated and the specific considerations required for different geographies and languages. We will also examine the mental health challenges faced by human content moderators and the strategies employed by tech companies to address these issues.

Given the ongoing efforts by regulators to develop content regulations globally, our webinar will provide a timely and important discussion around content moderation. We will discuss the Digital Services Act (DSA) in the European Union, the Online Safety Act in Australia, the Online Safety Bill in Singapore, and the ongoing development of Saudi Arabia’s Digital Content Platform Regulations.

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  • Tom Siegel, CEO of Trust Lab
  • Stanislav Matejka, Head of the Analytics Department at the Council for Media Services
  • Joanne Orlando, Author and Digital Wellbeing Expert
  • Thomas Hughes, Director of Oversight Board Administration
  • Lim May-Ann, Director of the Fair Tech Institute, and Emeritus Director of the Asia Cloud Association (ACCA) [moderator]