25 February 2021: TRP Demonstration Seminar on Connected Vehicles Accelerator

25 Feb 2022 | 00:00
Date: 25 February 2021, 5:00 – 6:00 pm (HKT)

The modern world of IoT provides a wealth of real-time contextual information. In public transportation, high frequency data feeds using standards like GTFS  provide valuable insight to operators, regulators, and the travelling public. Providing timely, accurate, and rich information enables the public to make the best personal travel choices.

The Connected Vehicles Accelerator is an in-memory Digital Twin based on TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence platform, modeling scheduled and ad hoc transportation networks. Capturing real-time feeds from various sources, it provides insight into network efficiency, capacity, and operations, It can form the basis for simulations, as well as a single source of truth for passenger information.


Glenn Hoskins, Senior Engineering Manager, TIBCO

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