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The Digital Dividend

Ross Bateson discusses the Digital Dividend as part of the ITU’s CIS Connect conference in Minsk, Belarus. Presentation on the…
26 Nov 2009 Press

UK Ministry of Defence Spectrum to be Released to Public

Companies undertaking a strategic review of their spectrum holdings and requirements should pay particular attention to developments in Whitehall. The…
2 Jan 2009 Press

Middle Eastern Mobile Telecommunications

The expansion of Middle Eastern mobile operators into new markets became commonplace in the late 1990s and, in 2007, showed…
4 May 2008 Press

Shifting Sands in Critical Year: Wireless Policy 2007

The power centre from which decisions about spectrum policy are made has shifted in Europe, and there are shifts underway…
4 Apr 2007 Press

Independent Panel Reviewing Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Communications Networks

Hurricane Katrina had a devastating impact on the Gulf Coast region of the USA, including its communications networks. Every sector…
12 Jun 2006 Press

Bermuda: Telecommunications Hub

Among the most discreetly managed satellite industry innovations of 2005 was Bermuda's emergence as a jurisdiction in which to establish…
6 Jan 2006 Press