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Access Partnership Contributes to GCSC’s “Advancing Cyberstability” Report

Access Partnership's Public Policy Manager Hussein Abul Enein contributed to the Global Commission on Stability in Cyberspace (GCSC) report titled…
18 Nov 2019 Reports

Access Partnership Co-Writes a Paper for ORF on Artificial Intelligence in Africa’s Healthcare

In a guest paper for Observer Research Foundation (ORF), Access Partnership's Laura Sallstrom discusses the benefits and challenges of introducing…
17 Sep 2019 Opinion

Access Partnership Co-Writes a Paper on Digital Government in Argentina

Access Partnership's Senior Analyst Juan Ignacio Cacace co-wrote the first ever Bennett Institute Case, focused on digital government in Argentina.…
16 Jul 2019 Reports

Anticipating WRC-23

This document details industry developments ahead of WRC-23 and identifies potential challenges resulting from existing submissions of agenda items.
15 May 2019 Reports

Accelerating Access to Space

This document details the international regulatory landscape as it relates to space activity, identifies emerging trends in how regulators are…
10 Apr 2019 Reports
Tech Policy Trends 2019

Tech Policy Trends 2019

During the first weeks of this year Access Partnership has surveyed the environment for the technology sector worldwide.  In this…
4 Mar 2019 Reports

Smart Courts: Roadmap for Digital Transformation of Justice in Africa

Court systems around the world seeking to apply the rule of law face many different types of challenges, including: to…
1 Mar 2019 Reports

Walking in the Footsteps of Tech Giants: Eight Lessons Energy Companies Can Learn From the Tech Sector’s Mistakes

The energy sector is a relative latecomer to digitalisation, giving it the chance to learn from mistakes of others. However,…
17 Dec 2018 Reports

What UNCTAD Gets Wrong About the Digital Economy

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) serves a critical role. For many years, it has provided sound…
30 Nov 2018 Reports

Artificial Intelligence for Africa: An Opportunity for Growth, Development, and Democratisation

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to solve some of the most pressing challenges that impact Africa. Forward thinking policy-makers, innovative startups,…
29 Nov 2018 Reports

Public Procurement and Cloud Service Providers in Germany

This report examines the regulations, rules and procedures surrounding procurement, and more specifically cloud procurement, in Germany. We provide a…
16 Nov 2018 Reports

Digital Debates — CyFy Journal 2018: Cross-border Data Flows, Privacy, and India

Access Partnership's Global Head of Public Policy Laura Sallstrom has contributed an article for Digital Debates — CyFy Journal 2018. Download the…
14 Oct 2018 Reports

Technology and the Future of ASEAN Jobs

Access Partnership's Policy Analyst Seha Yatim has contributed to Cisco's "Technology and the Future of ASEAN Jobs" report with a piece on the regulatory…
14 Sep 2018 Reports

Regional Privacy Frameworks and Cross-Border Data Flows: How ASEAN and APEC can Protect Data and Drive Innovation

The report outlines options for improving linkages at a regional level between Asia’s two main privacy frameworks – the ASEAN…
11 Sep 2018 Reports

Public Procurement and Cloud Service Providers in France

The French public procurement system is a complex administrative and political structure, with several levels of contracting and oversight. Despite…
31 Aug 2018 Reports

Access Partnership Co-Writes a Paper on Cybersecurity Culture, Norms and Values

Access Partnership's Ryan Johnson co-wrote a background paper to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Best Practices Forum on Cybersecurity. The paper is focusing…
17 Aug 2018 Opinion

Public Procurement and Cloud Service Providers in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) has systematically embraced electronic procurement methods and cloud-first as core policies to achieve cost savings, efficiency,…
18 Jul 2018 Reports

Public Procurement and Cloud Service Providers in the European Union

The public procurement process in the EU is a complicated, multi-pronged, multi-institution process requiring bidding businesses to navigate several levels…
21 Jun 2018 Reports

Access Partnership Co-Writes a White Paper on Challenges and Solutions in Providing Universal Internet Access

The white paper identifies five challenges in providing universal Internet access and offers potential solutions for each. Download the paper here.
26 Apr 2018 Reports
Norms for Cybersecurity in Southeast Asia

Norms for Cybersecurity in Southeast Asia

Broad adoption of cybersecurity norms can help promote social development, economic development, and lend stability and security. That’s why Access Partnership have...

23 Nov 2017 Reports

Access Partnership Feature in This Year’s Observer Research Foundation Journal

The online and offline worlds have never been closer together. With the free-flowing and growing interaction between the two, how…
4 Oct 2017 Press