Lea Pavlovic

Manager - Space, Connectivity & Defence

Lea specialises in European space policy and legislation and was formerly founder and head of the APCO Worldwide Space Practice, where she also focused on security, defence, technology, and cybersecurity policy.

Meet Lea

Lea advises firms on strategy, policy, and regulatory affairs in the space, spectrum, and defence ecosystems. She is also Vice Chair for the Security, Defence and Space Committee at AmCham EU.

She was previously founder and head of the APCO Worldwide Space and Defence Practice and has experience advising firms in the cloud, data, and cybersecurity arenas. Prior, she started at PwC as a space consultant, working on projects for the EU institutions, European Space Agency, and private aerospace and defence companies.

Lea has participated in various projects such as research strategies, business evaluations, and market analyses, including notably a socio-economic impact assessment of the European launchers and the publishing of an internal strategy paper on the European defence industry and militarisation of space.

She holds a BA (Hons) in Politics and International Relations from University of Kent and an MA in European Affairs from Sciences Po Paris. She speaks English and German fluently, with an intermediate proficiency of French, and has an array of international living experience across nine countries.

Her skills include expertise in space policy and regulatory affairs, space defence, strategy consulting, market analysis, EU policy and legislation, and public affairs and communications, among other areas.

  • – Connectivity
  • – New Business
  • – Space & Policy