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We believe our employees are our greatest asset

Working from six offices worldwide, our 140-strong team comprises experts from diverse backgrounds, including policy, legal, regulatory, and engineering, speaking 35 languages including French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, and Mandarin.

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Abhineet Kaul

Client Services Director
Abhineet is a Client Services Director. He has a passion in economic development and future solutions, focusing on policy and societal aspects. READ FULL BIO

Abubakar Manzo

Engineering Analyst, Space & Policy
Abubakar is an engineer with ten years' of experience in the satellite broadband communications industry, where he gained worked with clients from around the world. READ FULL BIO

Alexa Trost

Manager, Tech-Enabled Verticals
Alexa advises multinational companies on issues related to global health by creating innovative solutions that improve access to health services. READ FULL BIO

Allan Ruiz

Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets
Allan is an expert in telecommunications, digital technologies, and the development of public policies and regulations. READ FULL BIO

Álvaro Ovejero

Manager, Space & Policy
Álvaro is a Manager for our Space & Policy practice. He previously worked in the public sector in Argentina, both at the sub-national and federal levels. READ FULL BIO

Anja Engen

Senior Manager, Global Government Advisory
Anja is passionate about engaging debate and critical thinking on the relationship between politics and technology, as well as how technology may support sustainable development along with climate change mitigation and adaptation. READ FULL BIO

Anne Blatchford

Consultant, Tech-Enabled Verticals
Anne supports the firm’s global health and trade portfolios and brings with her experience in global government affairs and public policy. READ FULL BIO

Arthur Callaghan

Director of Corporate Development
Arthur is responsible for identifying and evaluating Access Partnership’s strategic acquisition opportunities, as well as driving transaction processes. READ FULL BIO

William oversees the development and dissemination of technology for our clients and vendors, while supporting the tremendous growth of our business to date.

William Webb Chief Technology Officer

Atharva Brahmecha

Analyst, Economics Strategy
Atharva has experience conducting economic and policy analysis for private sector tech clients as well as multi-lateral organisations. READ FULL BIO
For more than 36 years, Aurelian has been the leading expert for the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications of Romania in the fields of aeronautical and maritime radiocommunications services. READ FULL BIO

Bensen Koh

Manager, Connectivity
Bensen works with companies to help them find opportunities for growth in the face of an increasingly uncertain future. READ FULL BIO

Carolina Daza

Practice Senior Manager, Connectivity
Carolina is an electronic engineer with significant experience in telecommunications, having previously worked with the Colombian National Spectrum Agency. READ FULL BIO

Caroline Willis

Senior Operations Manager, People Experience
Caroline manages the daily operations of Access Partnership’s London office and provides direct support to office directors.  READ FULL BIO

Cerys Stansfield

Intern, Global Government Advisory
Cerys is an intern in the Global Government Advisory team. READ FULL BIO

Chailyn Ong

Analyst, Economics Strategy
Chailyn has a keen interest in public policy and economics. Prior to joining Access Partnership, she worked with a political risk consultancy, covering key geopolitical developments across the region. READ FULL BIO

Cheryl Low

Analyst, Connectivity
Cheryl is an Analyst in Access Partnership’s Asia office. She has an interest in understanding how public policy, technology, and building a fairer world can collide. READ FULL BIO

Chris Buckridge

Senior Advisor, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
Chris is an independent consultant, analyst, and commentator in the areas of Internet governance and digital policy. READ FULL BIO

Chris Quarcoo

Finance Assistant, Finance
Chris is a Finance Assistant in our London office. READ FULL BIO

Christopher Martin

Head of Policy Innovation, North America
Christopher leads Access Partnership’s office in Washington, DC, and manages operations across North America. READ FULL BIO

Christy Tsang

Analyst, Data Governance
Christy is an Analyst in the Data Governance team. She is also the Head of Secretariat at the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA). READ FULL BIO

Chrystel Erotokritou

Manager, Connectivity
Chrystel advises telecom, aerospace and technology clients on navigating the regulatory and policy environment. READ FULL BIO

Chung Gu Kang

Senior Advisor, Asia
Chung Gu is a full professor of radio communication engineering at Korea University and is currently serving as the steering committee chair of Satellite Communication (SatCom) Forum in Korea. READ FULL BIO

Dana Poponete

Manager, Global Government Advisory
Dana focuses on cybersecurity, data, connectivity, and telecommunications policy issues at EU and Member State levels. Prior to joining Access Partnership, she worked as a Political and Security Analyst for NATO. READ FULL BIO

Dana Ramadan

Consultant, Data Governance
Dana's interests lie in the positive impact technology can have on societies, mainly in terms of economic development. She believes in bringing technologists, policymakers, and regulators together to drive innovation forward ethically and responsibly. READ FULL BIO

Daryl Teo

Business Analyst, Economics Strategy
Daryl has supported strategy consulting engagements for energy, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, government, and non-profit clients. READ FULL BIO

Dimitar Ushev

Senior Management Accountant, Finance
Dimitar helps with management of financial and non-financial performance and is responsible of controlling company finances with the utmost goal of maximising shareholder value. READ FULL BIO

Dr. Ahmed El Sherbini

Senior Advisor, Middle East
Ahmed advises telecom and technology clients on navigating regulatory barriers and driving the adoption of policies that support digital transformation and digital inclusion, with a focus on the Middle East and Africa. READ FULL BIO

Dr. Josua Pena

Engineering Manager, Space & Policy
Josua's expertise in spectrum compatibility analysis, satellite frequency coordination, and technical regulation helps clients ensure regulatory compliance. READ FULL BIO
Dr Almutairi is an Assistant Professor at Kuwait University, School of Law, Private Law Department, where her research interests include AI, IP Law, the right to privacy (Informational privacy), and the tort liability of tech companies. READ FULL BIO

Dr. Peter Lovelock

Chief Innovation & Delivery Officer
Between 1999 and 2004, Peter built and ran China’s leading IT research consultancy. Prior to that, he was a lead policy analyst at the UN in Geneva. READ FULL BIO

Dr. Samantha Torrance

Head of Solutions Development
Samantha leads activities to help companies bring cutting-edge technology and unlock growth in emerging markets across Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. READ FULL BIO

Dr. Sergio Rodriguez-Albarran

Engineering Manager, Space & Policy
Sergio has collaborated on numerous multidisciplinary projects involving electronics, RF and microwave design, simulation construction, and testing. READ FULL BIO

Dr. Tiffany Harbour

Senior Advisor, Cybersecurity
Dr. Tiffany Harbour is a public policy professional with over 20 years’ experience in international risk management and cybersecurity, in public and private sectors. READ FULL BIO
Elizabetta is passionate about driving growth and innovation that transform industries, organisations, and society for the better. READ FULL BIO

Emma Way

PMO Analyst, Operations
After 12 years in the Retail Industry where she gained operations experience as a Personal Assistant, Team Coordinator, Project Support, and Graphic Designer, Emma now works at Access Partnership as a PMO Analyst. READ FULL BIO

Eric Obscherning

Director, Tech-Enabled Verticals
Eric designs, builds, and leads multistakeholder alliances and public-private partnerships focused on health and life sciences. READ FULL BIO

Ethan Mudavanhu

Manager, Data Governance
Ethan works as a Manager in the Data Governance team. He specialises in African tech policy issues, contributing to various projects aimed at increasing access to the benefits of technology in the region. READ FULL BIO

Evan Yu

Director, Tech-Enabled Verticals
Evan advises clients on global trade, supply chain, and regulatory policy issues, including on trade agreements and negotiations, multilateral engagements, human rights and labour issues, and geopolitical risks. READ FULL BIO

Fernando Borjón

Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets
Fernando has more than 20 years’ experience in the ICT sector, working primarily with the Mexican government. READ FULL BIO

Fraser Thompson

Head of Economics Strategy
Fraser is head of our Economics Strategy practice which works to marry academic rigour with commercial relevance to help solve the world’s most pressing issues. READ FULL BIO

Gayathri Haridas

Manager, Economics Strategy
Gayathri is a technology and innovation policy specialist who works at the intersection of digital technologies and society. She has experience in advising governments and corporations on policy and strategy during times of intense change and uncertainty. READ FULL BIO

Geusseppe Gonzalez

Head of LATAM, Emerging Markets
Geusseppe is Access Partnership’s Head of Latam and has over a decade's worth of experience in tech, both in the public and private sectors. READ FULL BIO

Gideon Lett

Senior Advisor, Asia
Gideon brings two decades of experience and relationships to work for clients at the intersection of technology and public policy. READ FULL BIO

Giorgia Muirhead

Head of Communications
Giorgia is responsible for Access Partnership’s PR, creating, developing, and executing external communications that tell the company’s story. READ FULL BIO

Gökhan Tok

Senior Manager, Space & Policy
Gökhan works on global digital policies and regulations, with a particular focus on market access, technological convergence, next generation connectivity, and data governance. READ FULL BIO
Greg supports some of the world’s largest governments and companies in developing and executing public affairs strategies. READ FULL BIO

Greg Oakland

Senior Manager, Resourcing & Operations
Greg is responsible for Access Partnership's workforce planning, working with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that the business is set up for success. READ FULL BIO

Hamza Hameed

Senior Manager, Space & Policy
Hamza advises governments and industry stakeholders in the space, satellite, and telecommunication sectors on legal, regulatory, and policy matters to support growth and further economic development. READ FULL BIO

Héctor Urrea

Senior Advisor, Latin America
Héctor is a consultant in the ICT sector, advising companies, academic institutions, and sector associations, especially directing and leading projects in the Andean region. READ FULL BIO

Heizo Takenaka

Senior Advisor, Asia
Heizo is a professor emeritus at Keio University and the former Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications (2001-2006) of Japan. READ FULL BIO

Helen Sussex

Head of Talent and Development
Helen has worked in a plethora of learning roles, both with IT training suppliers and internal learning organisations, leading teams at national and global levels. READ FULL BIO

Hugo Trivino

Senior Manager, Space & Policy
Hugo has significant experience in the communications sector, most recently serving in the Ministry of ICT of Colombia, where he led satellite issues and spectrum management. READ FULL BIO

Hui Li Wong

Financial Controller, Finance
Hui Li works as Financial Controller, with her previous roles including being an Auditor as well as a Finance Manager. READ FULL BIO

Hussein Abul-Enein

Head of Middle East
Hussein analyses policy issues and trends across the digital ecosystem, with an emphasis on the Middle East and North Africa. READ FULL BIO

Ivo da Motta Azevedo Corrêa

Senior Adviser, Latin America
Ivo helps innovative brands navigate and thrive amid Brazil’s ever-changing regulatory landscape and helps Brazilian tech leaders expand into new markets. READ FULL BIO

Jack Money

Head of Talent Acquisition
Jack brings a decade of varied talent acquisition experience, previously working for global Executive Search firms KornFerry and Erevena, AI unicorn Tractable, and e-commerce retailer Wayfair. READ FULL BIO

Jacob Hafey

Manager, Data Governance
Jacob covers a wide range of topics including artificial intelligence ethics, political risk, and space and satellite communications. READ FULL BIO

Janelle Chia

Analyst, Economics Strategy
Janelle has prior experience in the areas of economics consulting and management consulting, touching on projects covering a variety of different problems, industries, and regions. READ FULL BIO

Jenny Wan

Policy Analyst, Fair Tech Institute
Previously, Jenny has worked for the Telecoms Research Project based at the University of Hong Kong and as a research associate for TRPC, during which she was responsible for the planning and execution of various market and policy research projects. READ FULL BIO

Jessica Birch

Analyst, Global Government Advisory
Jessica is an Analyst in the Global Government Advisory team. Her UK policy expertise lies in competition, online safety, data policy, AI, and supply chain resilience. READ FULL BIO

Jesus Rivera

Senior Manager, Space & Policy
Jesus has more than 25 years of experience in the regulatory and technical ICT field, with expertise in spectrum management, spectrum auction for mobile services, analysis, and research of the mobile market in Latin America and the Caribbean. READ FULL BIO

Johan Marulanda

Consultant, Tech-Enabled Verticals
Johan advises clients on issues regarding global policy, international trade and investment, and global health. READ FULL BIO

Johnson Talabi

Management Accountant, Finance
Johnson is Access Partnership’s Management Accountant and has expertise in budgeting and forecasting, business partnering, client due diligence, and enhanced due diligence. READ FULL BIO

Jonathan Gonzalez

Senior Manager, Digital Transformation
Jonathan is a research manager with experience in media, academia, and government across Europe and Asia. READ FULL BIO

Juan Cacace

Director, Client Services
Juan gains market access for new technologies worldwide, by helping companies to comply with regulations as well as obtain licenses and permits for their products and services. READ FULL BIO

Juan Pablo Rebora

Media Specialist, Latin America
Juan Pablo specialises in press and communication and is the Director of ADNCiudad.com, a digital news agency with a strong penetration in the Argentinian political scenery. READ FULL BIO

Juliana Ramirez

Senior Manager, Connectivity
Juliana has over a decade's worth of experience in the public sector, having worked mostly in digital development and ICT policy. READ FULL BIO

Jun Le Koay

Analyst, Economics Strategy
Jun Le believes that technology can help to improve quality of lives and is keen to explore various areas of tech such as AI. READ FULL BIO

Khurshid Khan

Senior Manager, Growth
Khurshid has thirty plus years’ experience in technology sales, covering everything from hardware, software, consultancy services, and much in between.


Wan Ling Koh

Senior Manager, Economics Strategy
Wan Ling has extensive experience in the Singapore public sector, spanning international relations, economic diplomacy, investment advisory, and policy making. READ FULL BIO

Lea Pavlovic

Manager - Space, Connectivity & Defence
Lea specialises in European space policy and legislation and was formerly founder and head of the APCO Worldwide Space Practice, where she also focused on security, defence, technology, and cybersecurity policy. READ FULL BIO

Lennon Goh

Analyst, Economics Strategy
Lennon is passionate about sustainability, and believes that although it is one of the largest strategic challenges, it can also be a valuable opportunity. READ FULL BIO

Li Xing

Manager, Global Government Advisory
Li Xing is a Policy Manager in the Global Government Advisory team. Her expertise encompasses AI, cross-border data flows, and digital trade. READ FULL BIO

Līga Rozentāle

Senior Advisor, Cybersecurity and Defence
Līga is a senior leader with over 20 years of experience driving teams on strategic issues for government and business development. READ FULL BIO

Hui Yi Lim

Director, Digital Transformation
Hui Yi is passionate about using economics to inform strategic decision-making by governments and companies to advance sustainable growth and development. READ FULL BIO

May-Ann Lim

Director, Data Governance
May-Ann is the Director of our Data Governance team and is concurrently the Emeritus Director of the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA). READ FULL BIO

Linden Petzer

Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets
Linden Petzer has over 30 years’ experience in spectrum management and ICT regulation and has served as South Africa’s Chief Director of Radio and Satellite Communication. READ FULL BIO

Luca O'Neill

Head of Growth Marketing
Luca manages the marketing and campaign strategy for the organisation, playing a crucial role in steering marketing initiatives across various departments.


Makhtar Fall

Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets
Makhtar Fall is a telecommunication engineer specialising in radiocommunications, and has over 20 years' experience in telecommunications policy. READ FULL BIO

Marc Girouard

Senior Advisor, Policy Innovation
Marc has over 25 years of experience in ICT working primarily in the Canadian Government where he has developed exhaustive experience in creating and changing policies at both national and international levels. READ FULL BIO

Marcelo Pizarro Cruz

Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets
Marcelo has led the incorporation and growth of various brands in the market and the deployment of different technologies in Chile. READ FULL BIO

Marcus EE

PMO Analyst, Operations
Marcus supports Access Partnership's project management practice in the Singapore office. READ FULL BIO

Marcus Ng

Director, Economics Strategy
Marcus is a regular presenter on the regional economic outlook, and on issues such as international trade, economic and industry development, and sustainability. READ FULL BIO

Mark Smitham

Senior Principal, Technology Strategy
Mark is passionate about helping organisations achieve their digital transformation goals by providing them with innovative and scalable solutions based on secure technology. READ FULL BIO
Matthew is an external affairs and regulatory professional with 25 years’ experience in the telecommunications, digital, and technology sectors READ FULL BIO

Matthew McDermott

Director of Growth
Matthew advises across a range of sectors to help companies and trade associations address regulatory barriers and execute government affairs strategies. READ FULL BIO

Megan Lim

Manager, Economics Strategy
Megan has worked on projects across different sectors including healthcare, tourism, transport, the built environment, and telecommunications in the APAC region. READ FULL BIO

Meghan Chilappa

Policy Counsel, Data Governance
Meghan focuses on global policy and regulatory issues encompassing AI, data privacy, cybersecurity, and digital governance. READ FULL BIO

Melissa Gonzalez

Consultant, Data Governance
Melissa is a Policy Consultant in the Data Governance practice. She has advised clients on competition policy in digital markets and has experience in advocacy efforts across Latin America and the Caribbean. READ FULL BIO

Melissa Govender

Head, AI Policy Lab and Senior Manager, New Business
Melissa works to identify areas for collaboration within the digital economy, focusing on the digital divide, and how technology can be used to unlock economic opportunities and growth. READ FULL BIO

Michael Gallagher

Senior Advisor, Policy Innovation
Michael has over 25 years of experience engaging with the highest levels of industry and government, as well as working with CEO’s and leaders of early-stage companies to leverage value strategies at the intersection of technology, policy, and politics. READ FULL BIO

Mike Laughton

Head of UK, Data Governance
Mike leads Access Partnership’s UK policy work. His main expertise lies in telecom and supply chain resilience, data policy, and online safety. READ FULL BIO

Mike Liu

Senior Advisor, Fair Tech Policy
Mike Liu is a seasoned executive with 30+ years of experience in digital transformation and market growth strategies with leading technology multinationals. READ FULL BIO

Mike Thompson

Director, Technical Development
Mike provides technical and engineering support to network operators in the terrestrial and satellite markets. READ FULL BIO

Mila Gocheva

Senior PMO Manager, Operations
Mila helps deliver the largest advocacy campaigns for new products and services, and is responsible for programme management activities and internal development projects. READ FULL BIO

Morwenna Adams

Head of People Experience
Morwenna shapes the People strategy to deliver maximum impact on employee experience while reviewing and improving management practices and People processes. READ FULL BIO

Nada Ihab

Senior Manager, Data Governance
Nada supports various campaigns in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America region, analysing and reporting on policy trends and regulatory roadblocks for disruptive technologies. READ FULL BIO

Nic Hayllar

Interim Chief Financial Officer
Nic is Access Partnership's Interim Chief Financial Officer. READ FULL BIO

Nicolas Acker

Director, Policy Innovation
Nicolas is a seasoned EU affairs professional who works in our Brussels office. READ FULL BIO

Ridhuan Nur

Manager, Economics Strategy
Ridhuan has a deep interest in digitalisation and public policy. His past projects involved topics on sustainability, labour policy, and the impact of digitalisation on economies. READ FULL BIO

Oliver Mercer

Manager, Connectivity
Oliver supports a number of technical and regulatory projects for a range of clients including national regulatory authorities and network operators. READ FULL BIO

Olivia Burzynska-Hernandez

Senior Manager, Tech-Enabled Verticals
Olivia advises multinational companies on issues related to digital trade, global environmental policy, and global health. READ FULL BIO

Öykü Ozfırat

Analyst, Global Government Advisory
Öykü's passion for the dynamic nature of tech regulation fuels her engagement in global conferences and dedication to staying informed on industry dialogues. READ FULL BIO

Patricia Wu

Head of Tech-Enabled Verticals
Patricia serves as Head of Tech-Enabled Verticals at Access Partnership, where she enables policies to power people and the planet. READ FULL BIO

Paula Corte Real

Consultant, Brazil
Paula Corte Real is a Brazilian lawyer, consultant, and researcher on issues related to the internet and technology. READ FULL BIO

Phil Constable

Content Manager, Marketing
Phil works in the Content team, writing and editing outbound projects and internal communications and supporting the wider marketing function. READ FULL BIO

Raúl Lazcano Moyano

Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets
Raúl has worked in the telecommunications sector in Chile for over 30 years and in the private sector, directing technical teams in charge of the operation of telecommunications networks, as well as teaching in various educational institutions in Chile. READ FULL BIO

Riccardo Gualandi

Graphic Designer, Marketing
Riccardo's skills extend to the creation of compelling brands, eye-catching infographics, and data-driven UI/UX design. READ FULL BIO

Rodrigo Serrallonga Mejía

Analyst, Data Governance
Rodrigo is part of the Data Governance and Latin America team out of Access Partnership’s Washington, D.C. office. READ FULL BIO

Royston Wah

Consultant, Data Governance
Royston supports on digital policy projects for technology giants, governments, and intergovernmental organisations across topics including FinTech, data governance, AI, and public sector digitalisation. READ FULL BIO

Ryan MacFarlane

Senior Director, Tech-Enabled Verticals
Ryan serves as Senior Director at Access Partnership, bringing with him experience in the health, environmental, and technology sectors. READ FULL BIO

Sarah Hunter

Senior Advisor
Sarah has spent her career working in public policy and technology, with a specialism in climate tech. READ FULL BIO

Sarah Lee

Senior Manager, Global Government Advisory
Sarah previously worked at the Ministry of Defense in Singapore, where she developed her expertise on both diplomatic and operational issues. READ FULL BIO

Serena Mezza

HR Business Partner, People Experience
Serena is responsible for fostering effective HR communication, building strong business partnerships, and ensuring employees have a positive experience throughout their lifecyle. READ FULL BIO

Serena Tommasi

PMO Coordinator, Operations
Serena previously worked as a Marketing and Design Assistant, and has over a decade of experience in customer service and office support. READ FULL BIO

Shayna Lee

Software Engineer, Space & Policy
Shayna is a software engineer, with previous experience as a software developer at a Singaporean IT solutions provider. READ FULL BIO

Simon Jones

Non Executive Director
Simon Jones is Non-Executive Director of Access Partnership having formerly been a Non-Executive Director and Head of Growth. READ FULL BIO

Simona Lipstaite

Director, Client Services
Simona’s main focus is on EU policies, the political dynamics of national capitals in Europe, and a comparative perspective of how technology policies are shaped around the world. READ FULL BIO

Sofia Stellatou

Analyst, Connectivity
Sofia is an EU-qualified lawyer, carrying a seven-year experience mainly on contracts law, EU cases, and commercial agreements. READ FULL BIO

Sofia Tirini

Manager, Connectivity
Sofia is an expert in anti-corruption and compliance; she provides regulatory market access for digital technology companies around the world. READ FULL BIO

Sona Kaur

Singapore Office Manager, People Experience
Sona is comfortable liaising with people at all levels and uses her own initiative to work well both autonomously and as part of a team. READ FULL BIO

Sonia Kim

Analyst, Data Governance
Sonia previously worked as Program Officer at the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat, the only institutionalised regional cooperation mechanism in Northeast Asia. READ FULL BIO

Spencer Smith

Consultant, Tech-Enabled Verticals
Spencer focuses on government affairs, international trade and economic policy, and global digital policy, most notably with respect to AI. READ FULL BIO

Stephen Scott

Chief Growth Officer
Stephen has led global teams in sales, corporate development, product development, and marketing. READ FULL BIO

Stephen Thompson

Senior Advisor, US
With over twenty years as an information security expert, Stephen is a proven leader in data security, government agency security architecture, and computer forensics investigation. READ FULL BIO

Stuart Martin

Senior Advisor
Stuart Martin is a well-established industry leader in the UK space sector. He works to support a number of different organisations, mostly in the space sector, in the capacity of Chair, Non-Executive Director, or Strategic Advisor. READ FULL BIO

Susannah Nightingale

Senior Manager, Connectivity
Susannah has over 15 years of public policy experience working with national and international governments, regulators, and non-governmental organisations. READ FULL BIO

Cheng Wei Swee

Practice Senior Manager, Economics Strategy
Cheng Wei has experience working with stakeholders, including government agencies, investors, and companies on sustainability, technology, and inclusive growth projects. READ FULL BIO

Théo Bougouin

Senior Manager, Space & Policy
Théo's expertise lies in spectrum and technical coordination, with a focus on satellite filing and technical policy, as well as regulatory engineering. READ FULL BIO

Jing Ting Toh

Manager, Economics Strategy
Jing Ting is a Manager in for the Economics Strategy team and has a keen interest in economics and public policy. READ FULL BIO

Trey Flowers

Senior Manager, Tech-Enabled Verticals
Trey advises clients on the ethical and policy implications of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence. READ FULL BIO

Tural Aliyev

Senior Manager, Space & Policy
Tural is a spectrum management and frequency coordination engineer with nearly a decade of expertise in frequency and satellite filing coordination, assessment of coexistence among various satellite and terrestrial systems, and contributing to the work of regional and international bodies such as ITU, CEPT, and RCC. READ FULL BIO

Tushar Gandhi

Senior Advisor, Asia
With over 15 years’ experience in public affairs and strategic communications, Tushar works to support client service for the world’s most innovative brands. READ FULL BIO

Vishal Vibhakar

Financial Controller, Finance
Vishal is a Qualified Accountant (ACCA) with 15 years of experience in statutory reporting, financial planning, business analysis, and FP&A. READ FULL BIO

Will Banks

Finance Director
Will is a senior finance professional with over 20 years’ experience working with finance teams across a broad range of organisations. READ FULL BIO

William Webb

Senior Advisor
William supports the development and dissemination of technology for our clients and vendors, bringing over thirty years’ experience in technological communications. READ FULL BIO

Xochitl Hernandez Medina

Senior Manager, Space & Policy
Xochitl is an engineer with 13 years of experience in technical and regulatory spectrum planning at national and international levels. READ FULL BIO

Yu Jing Kew

Analyst, Economics Strategy
Yu Jing is passionate about the role that technology plays in enabling international development. READ FULL BIO

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