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We believe our employees are our greatest asset

Working from six offices worldwide,  our 70-strong team comprises experts from diverse backgrounds, including policy, legal, regulatory and engineering, speaking 17 languages including French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese and Mandarin.

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Abdou Lo

Director for Africa
Abdou is Access Partnership’s Director for Africa, and leads its office in Dakar, Senegal. READ FULL BIO

Ahmed El Sherbini

Senior Advisor, Middle East
Dr. Ahmed El Sherbini is a Professor at Cairo University. READ FULL BIO
Anne Shannon Baxter

Anne Shannon Baxter

Policy Manager, Multilateral Organisations
As a member of the public policy team, Anne Shannon analyses public policy in emerging markets and provides advocacy support to Access Partnership clients. READ FULL BIO
Azar works on compatibility studies in interference and coexistence in mobile radio scenarios, focusing on mobile and cognitive systems. READ FULL BIO

Calil Queiroz

Engineer, Technical Policy & Regulatory Engineering
Calil is a Regulatory Engineer for the Multilateral team. READ FULL BIO

Caroline Willis

Operations Manager
Caroline manages the daily operations of Access Partnership’s London office and provides direct support to the office directors.  READ FULL BIO

Chris Snowdon

Senior Manager, UK & Europe
Chris has worked in ICT regulation since 2000, in both the public and private sectors. READ FULL BIO
Christopher Casarrubias

Christopher Casarrubias

Head of Region, Middle East, Africa & Latin America
Christopher joined Access Partnership in 2012, and has since contributed to growth in emerging markets across five continents. READ FULL BIO

Christopher joined Access Partnership in 2012, and has since contributed to growth in emerging markets across five continents.

Christopher Casrrubias Head of Region, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East
Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin

Head of Region, Asia & US
Christopher Martin leads Access Partnership’s office in Singapore and manages operations in the Asia Pacific. READ FULL BIO

Colin Thomson

Head of Practice, Infrastructure
Colin provides support to wireless network operators, systems integrators and equipment manufacturers to ensure laws and regulation the swift delivery of these services to market. READ FULL BIO

Coumba Geneviève Diémé

Analyst, Middle East, Africa & Latin America
Geneviève provides wide-ranging support for clients in Access Partnership’s Dakar office. READ FULL BIO

Daphné Joseph

Senior Policy Manager, Compliance & Market Intelligence, CIPP/E
Daphné devises reports on country-specific licensing processes and regulatory best-practice for the use of several services, including satellite or terrestrial communications. READ FULL BIO
David K

David Kaye

Operations Director
David leads Access Partnership’s global Operations team and has oversight of all client projects and internal programmes. READ FULL BIO
Doug Johnson

Doug Johnson

Engineer, Infrastructure
Doug works with the Infrastructure team to navigate telecoms technical theory and their governing regulations, helping bring new products to the market. READ FULL BIO

Fabian Vevstad

Policy Analyst, Compliance & Market Intelligence
Fabian analyses telecommunication and technology regulatory frameworks around the world, helping companies overcome market access concerns and assisting them with licensing requirements. READ FULL BIO
Fernando Borjon

Fernando Borjón

Senior Advisor, Latin America
Fernando Borjón has more than 20 years’ experience in the ICT sector, working primarily with the Mexican government. READ FULL BIO
Greg F

Greg Francis

Managing Director
Greg supports some of the world’s largest governments and companies in developing and executing public affairs strategies. READ FULL BIO

Haude Lannon

Senior Manager, UK & Europe
Haude specialises in EU policy, Brexit and business development. READ FULL BIO
Hector Huici

Héctor Huici

Senior Advisor, Latin America
Hector Huici has more than 30 years’ experience in the ICT sector, working primarily with the Argentinian government. READ FULL BIO

Héctor Urrea

Senior Advisor, Latin America
Héctor Urrea is an ICT and digital transformation consultant READ FULL BIO

Héloïse Martorell

Policy Analyst, UK & Europe
Héloïse monitors the policy and regulatory landscape in Europe, with a special focus on France and the UK. READ FULL BIO
Hussein Abul-Enein

Hussein Abul-Enein

Policy Manager, Middle East, Africa & Latin America
As a Policy Manager, Hussein analyses policy issues and trends across the digital ecosystem, with an emphasis on the Middle East and North Africa. READ FULL BIO
Ilaria Bencivenga

Ilaria Bencivenga

Policy Analyst, Compliance & Market Intelligence
Ilaria monitors and analyses ICT regulatory and licensing frameworks in over a hundred jurisdictions, helping companies access markets and ensure their compliance. READ FULL BIO
Ivan Ivanov

Ivan Ivanov

Senior Marketing Manager
Ivan is responsible for the marketing and communications strategy of Access Partnership, helping to drive media and stakeholder engagements around key tech policy issues.  READ FULL BIO

Jann Jiang

Office Manager, Singapore
Jann is responsible for managing the daily operations and interactions with external stakeholders at Access Partnership’s Singapore office. READ FULL BIO

John Micallef

Engineering Manager
John monitors the regulatory environments around the world and advises clients on matters related to spectrum policies, spectrum engineering, and certification, in the aviation, satellite, telecom and drone sectors. READ FULL BIO
Juan Cacace

Juan Cacace

Senior Policy Manager, Middle East, Africa & Latin America
Juan works in the Latin America, Africa & Middle East to support regional campaigns and represent clients in conferences, multilateral organisations, and government meetings. READ FULL BIO

Juliet Martin

Content Manager
Juliet works across departments to provide editorial support for all outbound written products, including reports, editorials, presentations and digital content. READ FULL BIO
Kathryn Martin

Kathryn Martin

Director, Asia & US
Kathryn obtains spectrum and service rights in foreign markets for a variety of military and commercial clients. READ FULL BIO

Kenn Yee

Policy Analyst, Asia & US
Kenn specialises in the APAC region, focusing on 5G, digital policy, cybersecurity, Internet governance, networking, and cross-border data flows. READ FULL BIO
Liam Donovan

Liam Donovan

Content Manager
Liam is a member of Access Partnership’s content management team. READ FULL BIO
Logan Finucan

Logan Finucan

Senior Manager, Data Policy & Trust
Logan supports the implementation of advocacy strategies of several leading ICT clients including device manufacturers, cloud and digital services providers, as well as satellite and telecommunications operators. READ FULL BIO

Luca Elmosi

Head of Campaigns, Multilateral Organisations
Luca works to uncover, monitor and influence decision making processes that impact the ICT sector at the global level. READ FULL BIO

Maria Zervaki

Policy Manager, Compliance & Market Intelligence
Maria provides advice on policy and regulation to a number of clients, helping them access markets around the globe. READ FULL BIO
Matthew McDermott

Matthew McDermott

Chief Business Development Officer
Matthew advises across a range of sectors to help companies and trade associations address regulatory barriers and execute government affairs strategies. READ FULL BIO
Mike Clauser

Michael Clauser

Head of Practice, Data Policy & Trust
Michael has vertical policy experience in cloud, AI, deep fakes, semiconductors, national security, and blockchain. READ FULL BIO
mike L

Mike Laughton

Policy Manager, UK & Europe
As Policy Manager, UK & Europe, Mike’s main expertise lies in EU policy, Brexit, digital tax and space. READ FULL BIO

Mike Thompson

Director, Technical Development
As Director for Technical Development, Mike provides technical and engineering support to network operators in the terrestrial and satellite markets. READ FULL BIO
Mila Gocheva

Mila Gocheva

PMO Manager
Mila helps deliver the largest advocacy campaigns for new products and services, and is responsible for programme management activities and internal development projects. READ FULL BIO

Nicole Stevens

Head of People and Development
Nicole supports our global offices with people and development programmes. READ FULL BIO

Oana Mondan

Performance Analyst
Oana is our Performance Analyst taking on and building out, our data analytics and reporting function. READ FULL BIO

Ramatoulaye Ndiaye

Finance Manager, Dakar
Ramatoulaye is the Finance Manager for Access Partnership in Dakar. READ FULL BIO

Renuka Rajaratnam

Senior Policy Manager, Asia & US
Renuka’s focus is on technology policy, regulations and political and economic trends in APAC. READ FULL BIO
Richard Upchurch

Richard Upchurch

Policy Manager, Asia & US
Richard helps advise, assist and attract some of the world’s major ICT organisations. READ FULL BIO
Sarah Skaluba

Sarah Skaluba

Manager, Data Policy &Trust
Sarah advises multinational clients on technology policies ranging from digital trade and cross-border data flows to artificial intelligence, data portability, and intermediary liability. READ FULL BIO
Seha Yatim

Seha Yatim

Policy Manager, Asia & US
Seha Yatim helps companies navigate the technology-related regulatory and policy environment in the Asia Pacific region, with a special focus on ASEAN. READ FULL BIO
Simon Jones is Non-Executive Chair of Access Partnership having formerly been a Non-Executive Director and Head of Growth. READ FULL BIO

Simona Lipstaite

Senior Policy Manager, UK & Europe
Simona’s main focus is on European Union policies, Brexit, and national capitals in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. READ FULL BIO

Tamer Azab

Acting Director, Middle East and North Africa
Tamer provides advice on policy and regulation to clients from Access Partnership’s Abu Dhabi office, managing their services in the Middle East and aiding access to markets globally. READ FULL BIO
Tiernan Kenny

Tiernan Kenny

Policy Manager, UK & Europe
Tiernan is a Policy Manager at Access Partnership, working on technology issues at a European Union and national level. He advises companies on policy and political trends covering the full spectrum of ICT topics. READ FULL BIO
Tymoteusz Kurpeta

Tymoteusz Kurpeta

Head of Practice, Compliance & Market Intelligence
Tymoteusz ensures that clients’ technologies and services are authorised everywhere they operate. The team he leads then ensures compliance with national and international regulations in every jurisdiction in the world, on time, and on budget. READ FULL BIO
Vadim Doronin

Vadim Doronin

Senior Manager, Compliance & Market Intelligence
Vadim works to manage regulatory compliance and market access, ensuring that our clients obtain their needed authorisations worldwide. READ FULL BIO
Yasmin Hoover

Yasmin Hoover

Content Manager
Yasmin is a member of Access Partnership’s content management team. READ FULL BIO

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