Tushar Gandhi

Senior Advisor, Asia

With over 15 years’ experience in public affairs and strategic communications, Tushar works to support client service for the world’s most innovative brands.

Meet Tushar

Tushar Gandhi has over 15 years’ experience in public affairs and strategic communications. He has spearheaded advocacy and communication campaigns for some of the world’s leading organisations and brands across sectors. He actively engages with various stakeholders such as the government, industry associations, bilateral and multilateral organisations, think tanks, academia, industry players, parliamentarians, and media. He has authored several white papers and has been invited as an industry member on several government committees.

Prior, he worked at India’s leading public affairs and communications firms and also had stints as a journalist. Tushar is a post graduate in Advanced Strategy Management from IIM Calcutta, has earned certification in Public Policy, a diploma in Mass Media and Journalism and an MBA in Marketing. He is an avid reader and has equipped himself with knowledge of business laws.

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